What is an HDMI converter, let's help you understand it in one minute!

I believe that you, who opened this article at this time, have already known what a video interface converter is, but you still don’t know what an HDMI converter is. Now, let help you understand it for a minute.


If you want to understand what an HDMI converter is, you must first know what HDMI is.

HDMI is the abbreviation of High Definition Multimedia Interface, which means high-definition multimedia interface. It is a digital video/audio interface technology, a dedicated digital interface suitable for audio and video transmission, and can transmit video and audio signals at the same time.


HDMI interface


To put it simply, HDMI refers to a type of interface that can receive or transmit video signals on video devices such as TVs, DVDs, and set-top boxes at home, and it is also the most common type of video interface. As long as the video output device is connected with the HDMI video interface on the display with an HDMI cable, the video signal can be transmitted from the HDMI interface of the video output device to the HDMI interface of the display through the HDMI cable, and then can be played and watched. But there are many such devices in the world, but there is no HDMI interface at their interface, and it is impossible to directly transmit video signals with an HDMI cable. At this time, the HDMI converter was born.


HDMI converter, also can be called HDMI interface converter.

The converter can receive the original video signal transmitted from the HDMI interface, and then convert the original video signal into a video signal that can be transmitted to the SDI, VGA, DVI, AV, component and other interfaces. Different models of HDMI converters have different sizes and resolutions, the converted signals are different, and the output quality is also different.


According to the different types of output signals, HDMI interface converters can be divided into four types:

1. HDMI to SDI : a device dedicated to converting high-definition or standard-definition HDMI signals into SDI signals

2. HDMI to VGA : a device dedicated to converting high-definition or standard-definition HDMI signals into VGA signals

3. HDMI to AV : a device dedicated to converting high-definition or standard-definition HDMI signals into AV signals

4. HDMI to Component : A device dedicated to converting high-definition or standard-definition HDMI signals into component signals.


For example, in schools, we often encounter such a situation. Sometimes when the teacher is giving lectures, he needs to put some learning materials in his computer on the monitor hanging in the classroom for the students to watch and study, but suddenly finds that the monitor receives video. The signal interface is only VGA interface, no HDMI interface, what should I do? Then you can use a ACCURATE HR0-005 HDMI to VGA converter. Just use an HDMI cable to connect the teacher's computer to the HDMI interface on the converter, and then use a VGA cable to connect the converter to the VGA interface on the monitor, so that the video from the teacher's computer can be transmitted to the monitor Play it, and the problem will be solved.


Moreover, this HDMI interface to VGA interface converter has a video scaling function, which can convert HDMI 4Kx2K high-definition video signals into standard VESA format VGA signals, and the output VGA can be connected to the VGA input of monitors, HDTVs, and projectors, which is convenient It solves temporary worries for display devices without HDMI interface.


With the development of modern technology, HDMI converters have been widely used in many fields, such as large-screen projection display engineering, audio-visual teaching, command and control centers, multimedia conference rooms and other occasions that require signal conversion, bringing users more flexibility. solution.