What are the advantages of the Type-C male connector?

The Type-C connector is composed of a Type-C male head and a Type-C female seat. In the use of equipment, the Type-C male head has been plugged and unplugged countless times, so its role is even more important. So what are the advantages of Type-C male compared to Micro USB?

Features of Type-C male connector:

1. Type-C male head is smaller than Micro USB, about 8.3MM*2.5MM;

2. Can withstand 10,000 times of repeated plugging;

3. Support positive and negative insertion;

4. Slim appearance;

5. The maximum transmission speed of Type-C male head equipped with USB3.1 standard can reach 10Gbit/s;

6. The data cable using the Type-C male head can pass 3A current and can provide 100W of power.


Advantages of Type-C male:

1. It can support data, audio, video and charging at the same time, and is also compatible with various mainstream high-definition video interface standards such as Display Port, HDMI, and MHL.

2. The size is small and can support positive and negative insertion;

3. Possess strong EMI performance;

4. Can be backward compatible with USB2.0/USB3.0/USB PD;

5. Type-C male supports bidirectional high-speed data transmission.