Briefly tact switch

The tact switch is a functional electronic switch, which is a standard part. The switch can be turned on by lightly pressing the switch button during use. When the hand is released, the switch is turned off. The internal structure is relying on the force of the metal spring To achieve on-off. The tact switch has been widely used in household appliances because of its small contact resistance, crisp touch and obvious feel, and complete specifications.


Advantages and disadvantages of tact switch

The advantage of the tact switch is that it is suitable for high-density surface mounting, some can be cleaned after welding, and the sealed type can be dustproof. It is most suitable for harsh environments and the circuit design is simple. The product life span varies from 100,000 to 10 million times. Products have become a series. But the touch switch has its shortcomings,

Frequent pressing will make the metal shrapnel fatigue and lose its elasticity and fail. The tact switch cannot produce functions independently, and must be used in conjunction with the PCB circuit board to form a complete opening control system.


Pin connection method of tact switch  

Regarding the pin connection method of the five-pin tact switch: the two pins are a group, the four pins are for more stable welding, and the fifth pin is used for the ground wire.


Tact switch package type

There are three kinds of tact switch packages: bulk manual plug-in, SMT chip package, DIP plug-in tape package.


Type of tact switch

Standard type, sealed type, SMD type, waterproof type, swing rod type, long type, vertical type, thin semicircular array, etc. Contacts are silver-plated and gold-plated. The main installation methods include plug-in welding, embedded pin, surface mount and so on. The sizes are 4.5 × 4.5mm, 6 × 3.5mm, 6 × 6mm, 6.6 × 6.6mm, 8 × 8mm, 10 × 10mm, 12 × 12mm, etc.


Tact switch life test method

Test the number of opening and closing, until it is damaged, you can use the manual or a small motor to drive the eccentric opening and closing switch and use the counter to record the number of times. Tact switch requires safety certification. If the product is sold in China, CQC is used. In foreign countries, it depends on the specific country to be sold. Life of domestic shrapnel: 50,000-70,000 times Single-sided resilver life of imported shrapnel: more than 100,000 times Stainless steel shrapnel has a long life of more than 500,000 times.


Development scenario of touch switch

In the past two years, the domestic demand is the largest tact switch, its total demand exceeds one billion or more; the largest increase is the membrane switch, which has increased more than 100 [%]; Type power switch, micro switch, remote control, mouse, keyboard) demand in Asia ranks first. The production units of tact switch products are widely distributed, and all regions can be designed and produced. Most of the enterprises are small-scale. For tact switch, now mold manufacturing, new product development, lead-free, environmentally friendly plating can be solved. Quite a number of enterprises have passed ISO9001: 2000quality management system certification