Tact switch packaging types, how to tap the tact switch?

As more and more industries generally adopt tact switch products, the demand for tact switches is gradually increasing, and more and more tact switches are also adopting different packaging processes as work efficiency is provided. The following tact switches are You analyze:

Tact switch package, tact switch taping, tact switch package types:


Generally, tact switch packaging is divided into: Tact switch packaging types are: SMT chip packaging, bulk manual plug-in, DIP plug-in taping packaging


1.    Tact switch smt chip package

What is a tact switch SMT chip package: a tact switch is also called a touch switch, which is a kind of electronic switch in electronic components, and it was called a sensitive switch earlier.



SMT chip packaging refers to a four-pin chip tact switch plus a carrier tape and a blister with the same size groove to package the tact switch called SMT chip package.


SMD Tact Switch Package Diagram





2.    Bulk manual plug-in light touch switch bag packaging

What is a bulk manual plug-in tact switch? Bulk manual plug-in tact switches, as the name suggests, are a kind of tact switches that are welded manually with an electric soldering iron. Generally, they are packaged in bags. Advantages: the price and packaging cost are cheap, but the disadvantage is that only manual welding is inefficient.


Bulk bagged tact switch


3.    Tap switch DIP tape package


DIP tape packaging refers to the packaging method of the pin tact switch. Generally, it is packaged with paper. It is similar to the carrier tape of paper products for capacitors and resistors to connect the plug-ins together. It can also be produced by automatic machines, touch the switch pin Longer ones will use this packaging method