What is a waterproof tact switch What is the function of a waterproof tact switch

In our daily life, many electronic products cannot come into contact with water. Once they come into contact with water, they basically have to be repaired or directly scrapped. And if the waterproof tact switch is added to the product, then even if our electronic product gets water, we are not afraid of the product being damaged. Maybe some people are still unfamiliar with waterproof tact switches. Let's talk about what waterproof tact switches are and what is the function of waterproof tact switches.


What is a waterproof tact switch

1What is a waterproof tact switch? It is a switch that can be immersed in water or rain and will not fail. Generally, the level of waterproof tact switches is IP67, which means that it can completely protect the dust in the air. , It can be in the position of about 1M underwater at room temperature, and it will not be damaged for 30 minutes up and down.


2The use of waterproof tact switches is very wide. The following are some of the use ranges:

(1) Household appliances: electronic body scales, electronic fat scales, electronic kitchen scales, televisions, microwave ovens, rice cookers, electric fans, etc.

(2) various toys: electronic toys, etc.

(3) digital products: digital Cameras, digital video cameras, cameras, etc.

(4) medical equipment: blood pressure monitors, thermometers, hospital call systems, etc.

(5) remote controls: rolling doors, various vehicles, household anti-theft products, etc.


3Waterproof grade of waterproof tact switch:

There are two general waterproof switches, one is IP67 and IP68. The waterproof tact switch is not only waterproof but also dustproof.

4. Package specifications of waterproof tact switch:

(1) 8*8 series waterproof tact switches

(2) 10*10 series waterproof tact switches

(3) 12*12 series waterproof tact switches

(4) 6*6 series waterproof tact switches


What is the function of waterproof tact switch

The role of the waterproof tact switch: the waterproof tact switch is an indispensable component in the products we mentioned above, so many water-related products need to use it. Its function is to ensure that our products are in the When water invades, it can be guaranteed that it can still work, so as to better ensure product quality


1  Material selection of waterproof tact switch.

With the increase of time and years, the material of the waterproof tact switch will also be oxidized and the waterproof membrane will become a little fragile. When choosing a material, choose a durable anti-corrosion and waterproof silicone pad material, so that the waterproof tact switch can maintain good performance whether in a high temperature, drought or humid and cold environment in the future. Maintain performance. The sturdiness and durability of the material can increase the overall service life of the external waterproof of the electrical product, and let people feel the excellent waterproof quality of the product from the details. The quality of the purchased product is the first, followed by the appearance of the product.


2it is the structural design of the waterproof tact switch.

The more high-end products, the more ingenious the design of waterproof tact switches. In the details, we can see the difference between high-end products and ordinary products. Good design can successfully complete the use effect and reasonably save materials and space. The high level reflects the ingenious concept and technology. The structural design of the waterproof tact switch can demonstrate the reasonable integration of humanization and mechanization, which can be regarded as a successful design. Structural design is the core of waterproof tact switches, and it is also the top priority of people's attention. Now the production process is constantly innovating, the technical methods have been continuously improved, and the range of people's choices has become wider and wider.


3is the use feel of the waterproof tact switch.

The use of hand feeling requires people to have close contact, because it not only needs to be seen from the appearance, but also needs to be actually touched to feel. Once the waterproof tact switch is touched, it will respond very sensitively. The shorter the response time, the better the performance. That's the sensitivity that people care about a lot. At the same time, for an expensive waterproof electrical appliance, the internal circuit is complex and cannot be intuitively understood by consumers, but the waterproof tact switch has a sensitive response and can feel the superior performance of the product. The waterproof tact switch represents the production details and technical level of a product.


4Whether the daily maintenance conditions of the waterproof tact switch are simple or not.

The structure of the waterproof tact switch itself is not good or the dustproof effect is not ideal, which will also bring a lot of inconvenience. It is usually necessary to pay attention to whether the waterproof tact switch is easy to take care of daily. If the design is exquisite and the material is waterproof and dustproof, it will be more convenient to take care of.


As more and more live products are used, waterproof tact switches are available on many electronic products such as mobile phones and digital cameras. It can protect consumers from continuing to use the product if they accidentally put it in water. The more sensitive the waterproof tact switch is, the better it will protect the product and the longer it will last. So when buying a product we can try it.