What are the specifications and sizes of the HDMI interface? High-definition HDMI interface knowledge literacy

Nowadays, in the computer, the VGA analog interface and the DVI digital interface are gradually eliminated, and the high-definition HDMI has become the current mainstream video interface. So what are the specifications and sizes of the HDMI interface? HDMI what interface? What is the use? With many questions, let’s share the knowledge of high-definition HDMI interface.



HDMI what interface? What is the use?

HDMI is the English abbreviation of (High Definition Multimedia Interface), which means high-definition multimedia interface. It is a digital video/audio interface technology that can transmit image and audio signals at the same time. The maximum data transmission speed is 48Gbps (version 2.1). At present, HDMI high-definition video interface is very common. At present, mainstream graphics cards, motherboards, notebooks, LCD TVs, etc. all have HDMI interface, which is incomparable with ordinary VGA display interface. Big difference.

HDMI mainly meets the needs of high-definition video above 1080P. For example, the motherboard or graphics card is equipped with an HDMI interface, indicating that the computer equipped with the motherboard or graphics card supports video output above 1080P.

HDMI interface types are distinguished from versions:

Version HDMI 1.0 frequency 165MHZ bandwidth 4.95Gbps original standard, which has been basically phased out recently;

Version HDMI 1.1, frequency 165MHZ, bandwidth 4.95Gbps, add DVD-Audio support, etc.;

Version HDMI 1.2, frequency 165MHZ, bandwidth 4.95Gbps, add SACD audio support, etc.;

Version HDMI 1.2a frequency 165MHZ bandwidth 4.95Gbps increase compatibility certification and other requirements;

Version HDMI 1.3 frequency 340MHZ bandwidth 10.2Gbps increase communication bandwidth, increase TrueHD and DTS-HD audio;

Version HDMI 1.4, frequency 340MHZ, bandwidth 10.2Gbps, add a data channel, support 100M Ethernet bidirectional communication.


How many specifications are there for the HDMI interface?

According to different interfaces, HDMI cables can be divided into three categories:

HDMI standard interface, also known as HDMI type A interface, the width of this interface is 14mm, which is generally used in high-definition TVs, desktop computers, projectors and other equipment;

HDMI mini interface, also known as HDMI C type interface, this interface width is 10.5mm, generally mainly used in MP4, tablet computer, camera and other equipment;

HDMI micro interface, also known as HDMI D-type several ports, this interface width is 6mm, generally mainly used in smart phones, tablet computers and other devices.


The HDMI interface has the following four characteristics:

1. The latest HDMI1.4 standard, which can support the transmission of 4Kx2K resolution, has Ethernet channel, audio return channel, supports 3D function and so on.

2. It supports the output of 4K resolution, which improves the foundation for the support of current 4KK TVs and monitors.

3. Support 3D function, which can meet the display signal transmission requirements of 3D TV.

4. It can also support more than 30-bit color gamut space, and can display the most vivid and vivid colors under various standards.